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Quality  Control

Standard of workmanship / Sincere service

Production testing

The production line is equipped with full on-line testing for design and manufacturing inspection, and important dimensions are fully tested! Precision manufacturing to ensure quality.

Production equipment

We have multiple advanced heat treatment production lines, fully automatic grinding machines, etc., and strictly control the process from feeding to finished products leaving the factory.

High quality raw materials

Selection of high quality raw materials, such as: Xingcheng Special Steel, Daye Special Steel, SKF3 and other high standard steel, the implementation of strict quality inspection system.

Linqing Wanda Bearing Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, mainly engaged in the research and development of bearing rolling element production, and in 2014 to establish the automated production line of tapered roller bearings. The company has owned many sets of advanced bearing processing equipment in China. Equipped with Siemens 828D system, the company is now...

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Industry applications

Improve reliability to achieve profitability, optimize the life cycle of assets, and bring more reference value

With expertise in various industries and years of technical experience in equipment manufacturers and end users, we can not only provide products, but also provide comprehensive solutions to help customers achieve their goals. We use knowledge to help you at every stage of your asset lifecycle, and lifecycle management is an effective way to provide optimal performance for equipment design and operations throughout the service cycle.

Quality  Guarantee

Standard of workmanship / Sincere service

Strong strength

Introduction of high-precision bearing automatic machining line

Optimised layout of the production plant, fully enclosed with constant temperature and a statistical process control system to extend the life of the product.

Strong inventory

Configure a professional inventory site with a high degree of automation

All products adopt precision processing equipment, measuring and testing instruments, advanced product design and first-class manufacturing process.

Testing equipment

Introduction of high-precision measuring and testing equipment

The company has its own physical and chemical laboratory to conduct material testing on incoming materials to ensure high quality raw materials.

After-sale service

Reliable and perfect service management, regular tracking return visit

One-to-one solution to customer problems, with star marketing service network to work closely with customers at home and abroad, common development.

Committed to becoming China's leading bearing business solutions

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